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What is the definition of Do-Follow Link? Learn what you need to know about this term.

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A do-follow link is a type of hyperlink on a website that tells search engines to follow the link and take into account any link equity that the linked page may have. This means that when a search engine crawls a website, it will follow do-follow links and use the linked page’s authority to help determine the authority of the linking page.

Do-follow links can help to improve the search engine rankings of the linked page if the linking page has authority and relevance. This is why many website owners want to get do-follow backlinks from other websites to improve their search engine visibility.

By default, all links are dofollow links unless they have explicitly been set to rel="nofollow" in their HTML link tag.

You can use an SEO toolkit such as SE Ranking, Serpstat, or Semrush to help you discover all do-follow links that point to a site.

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