SEO Toolkit Comparison Report

SEO Toolkit Comparison Report

In-depth comparison report for 21 of the most popular SEO software toolkits on the market! Tables, metrics, facts, key figures, infographics and more!

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DISCLOSURE: Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links, which may provide compensation to us from the service providers at no cost to you if you decide to use their services.

With so many powerful all-in-one SEO toolkits available on the market today, it’s hard to know which one is right for you. That’s why I created this in-depth SEO Toolkit Comparison Report!

Consider this comparison report like a “State of the SEO Toolkit Industry.” 😊

This SEO toolkit comparison report is loaded with helpful tables, metrics, facts, key figures, and infographics that should help you quickly sift through all of the noise and get to work with these SEO tools!

That’s right… I already did the work for you. I researched and collected all of the data and statistics for 21 SEO toolkits, and then broke it all down into nice little tables that you can browse below! 😎

By the end of this report, you should be able to find the best SEO toolkit for your needs!

What is an SEO Toolkit?

SEO toolkits are all-in-one Search Engine Optimization software packages that combine and integrate lots of individual SEO tools.

If you’re new to SEO, or you want to dive deep into SEO tools, make sure to check out our comprehensive SEO tools guide that contains a crazy amount of techniques, tips, and tricks you can start using immediately. 🤪

I also go into depth about my SEO toolkit recommendations at the end of that guide.

SEO Tools
SEO Tools: Toolkits, Techniques, Tips, and Tricks
I just led you to this comprehensive article about SEO. Don’t believe me? Let me show you how I used SEO tools to make that happen…

List of SEO Toolkits

To help make comparing the SEO toolkits more manageable, I’ve broken down the comparisons into several bite-sized topics below.

Type and Free Trial Comparison
Prices and Plans Comparison
Company Info Comparison
Users and Clients Comparison
Infographics and Ads Comparison
Features Comparison

PRO TIP: The data below is a snapshot of what I could find at the time I researched these services. Most of these metrics come directly from each company’s own website, as listed on their home page, pricing pages, contact page, about pages, promotional materials, or from their LinkedIn profile. I gave it my best shot, but could have made mistakes… 😢 so, please use this data accordingly!

Each topic below includes its own data table with corresponding comparisons.

PRO TIP: If you’re using a small screen (e.g. on a mobile device) and can’t see the entire table all at once, make sure you scroll all the way to the right of the table so you don’t miss anything.

Let’s dive right into the comparisons…

Type & Free Trial Comparison

Let’s start with a simple list of each SEO toolkit software package that compares the toolset type and what type of free trial, if any, is available.

SEO ToolkitTypeFree Trial
SE RankingBrowser-based 14 days
SerpstatBrowser-based 7 days + free limited plan
SemrushBrowser-based 7 days + free limited plan
MangoolsBrowser-based 10 days
WebCEOBrowser-based 14 days
Raven ToolsBrowser-based 7 days
MozBrowser-based 30 days
SpyFuBrowser-based 30-day money-back guarantee
AhrefsBrowser-based Free limited plan
Long Tail ProBrowser-based $8 for 8 days trial
WordtrackerBrowser-based 7 days
MajesticBrowser-based 7-day money-back guarantee
AuthorityLabsBrowser-based 14 days
UbersuggestBrowser-based 7 days
SEO PowerSuiteWindows/Mac/Linux Download 7 days + free limited plan
Netpeak SoftwareWindows Download Free limited plan
Screaming Frog SEO SpiderWindows/Mac/Linux Download Free limited plan
Rank MathWordPress Plugin Free limited plan
SEOPressWordPress Plugin Free limited plan
AIOSEOWordPress Plugin 14-day money-back guarantee
Yoast SEOWordPress Plugin Free limited plan

It’s worth noting that most WordPress SEO plugins are not usually general-purpose all-in-one SEO toolkits, since they are often specific to the WordPress platform.

That said, some of the WordPress plugins are feature-rich. And some plugins even integrate with the other one-stop SEO toolkits listed above.

Prices & Plans Comparison

SEO services usually offer multiple plans and pricing tiers meant for different types of users, but the plan names and annual costs below should give you a good idea of how they compare with each other.

PRO TIP: Most sites offer a substantial discount if you choose to pay annually. To do apple-to-apple comparisons, I’ve used the annual-discounted rate when available, and converted any monthly rates into annual rates, rounding to the nearest dollar.

Plans marked with a caret (^) mean that a one-time “lifetime” payment is also available, in addition to a subscription option.

Some sites allow you to include add-on features and increase limits in addition to the standard plans, which can change the total cost.

Also, please be aware that these companies might run deals, discounts, or other types of promotions that could affect the prices shown below.

All prices are in USD and are per year!

SEO ToolkitCheapest Plan / YearOther Plans / Year
SE RankingEssential ($470)Pro ($1,046)
Business ($2,294)
SerpstatLite ($660)Standard ($1,428)
Advanced ($2,868)
Enterprise ($4,788)
SemrushPro ($1,199)Guru ($2,299)
Business ($4,499)
MangoolsBasic ($359)Premium ($539)
Agency ($1,079)
WebCEOStartup & Agency Unlimited ($996)Corporate ($3,012)
Raven ToolsSmall Biz ($468)Start ($948)
Grow ($1,668)
Thrive ($2,988)
Lead ($4,788)
MozLocal ($168)Pro ($1,188)
STAT ($8,640)
SpyFuBasic ($396)Professional ($696)
Team ($2,388)
AhrefsLite ($990)Standard ($1,990)
Advanced ($3,990)
Enterprise ($9,990)
Long Tail ProStarter ($147)Pro ($268)
Agency ($588)
WordtrackerBronze ($204)Silver ($456)
Gold ($648)
MajesticLite ($500)Pro ($1,000)
API ($4,000)
AuthorityLabsPlus ($588)Pro ($1,188)
Pro Plus ($2,700)
Enterprise ($5,400)
UbersuggestIndividual ($348)^Business ($588)^
Enterprise / Agency ($1,188)^
SEO PowerSuiteProfessional ($299)Enterprise ($499)
Netpeak SoftwareSpider Starter ($84)^Checker Basic ($96)^
Spider Advanced ($144)^
Checker Pro ($264)^
Pro Bundle ($264)^
Max Bundle ($360)^
Screaming Frog SEO SpiderPaid ($209)None
Rank MathPro ($59)Business ($199)
Agency ($499)
SEOPressPRO ($49)Insights ($99)
Bundle ($128)
AIOSEOBasic ($50)Plus ($100)
Pro ($200)
Elite ($300)
Yoast SEOPremium ($99)Subscription ($229)

Company Info Comparison

Here’s a breakdown that shows a comparison of a bunch of SEO company information.

It includes stats about when each SEO toolkit company was founded and/or the starting year of their service, along with their founding location and/or headquarters, and who they are owned by.

SEO ToolkitStart YearHeadquartersOwned By
SE Ranking2012London, England, United KingdomSE Ranking
Serpstat2013Odesa, UkraineNetpeak Group
Semrush2008Boston, Massachusetts, USASemrush
Mangools2014Bratislava, SlovakiaItrinity
WebCEO2000Sheridan, Wyoming, USAWebCEO LLC
Raven Tools2007Nashville, Tennessee, USATapClicks, Inc.
Moz2004Seattle, Washington, USAMoz, Inc.
SpyFu2006Scottsdale, Arizona, USASpyFu, Inc.
Ahrefs2010SingaporeAhrefs Pte. Ltd.
Long Tail Pro2011Reno, Nevada, USALong Tail Media, LLC
Wordtracker1998London, England, United KingdomWordtracker LLP
Majestic2004Birmingham, England, United KingdomMajestic-12 Ltd
AuthorityLabs2008Bellevue, Washington, USATraject
Ubersuggest2021Las Vegas, Nevada, USANeil Patel Digital, LLC
SEO PowerSuite2005Minsk, BelarusTechfusion LTD
Netpeak Software2010London, England, United KingdomNetpeak Group
Screaming Frog SEO Spider2010Oxfordshire, United KingdomScreaming Frog Ltd
Rank Math2020New Delhi, IndiaRank Math
SEOPress2017Anglet, FranceSEOPress
AIOSEO2007West Palm Beach, Florida, USASemper Plugins, LLC, Awesome Motive Inc.
Yoast SEO2010Wijchen, The NetherlandsYoast BV

Users & Clients Comparison

Next up is a detailed comparison of the number of users and notable current (or past) clients for each SEO toolkit.

Some companies refer to their users as subscribers, and most don’t differentiate between currently-active users versus lifetime user totals.

SEO ToolkitUsers / SubscribersClients
SE Ranking700,000+Bed Bath & Beyond,, Zapier, Hunter Engineering Company, Trustpilot,
Serpstat400,000+Uber, Samsung, AT&T, Philips, Shopify, Deloitte, Lenovo, Rakuten, L’Oréal, Adidas, Udemy
Semrush10,000,000Tesla, Apple, Decathlon, P&G, Samsung, IBM, Walmart, Amazon, Quora, GE, Vodafone, Forbes,, LearnWorlds
Mangools1,100,000+Airbnb, Xerox, Alexa, The Home Depot, Adidas, Skyscanner, RetailMeNot, The Motley Fool, BNP Paribas, RocketInternet
WebCEO1,400,000+FitSmallBusiness, Ent, Coalition, TechWyse, James Free Jewelers, Oltech Solutions, Agnew Group, SEO Simple, The Think Tank, Juniper Research, University Australia
Raven Tools“Thousands”Trio, Reach Local, Vertical Rail, Gannett, Edelman, True North, Thomson Reuters, Voltage, Bear Group, Th@t Company
MozNot listedZillow, Trivago, Alaska, Razorfish, Aaron’s, 99designs
SpyFu200,000Adobe, Amazon, Microsoft, SalesForce, Twilio
AhrefsNot listed, but the site shows “+11,810 accounts created in the last 7 days.”Facebook, eBay, Tripadvisor, HuffPost, LinkedIn, Adobe, Expedia, Uber, Pinterest, Shopify, SurveyMonkey
Long Tail Pro70,000+Aol, Pitcher, Heinosoft, PremiumWeb, Shanti Travel, Fitvolution, Semtrix, La Poste, Traffic Builders, Online PR Media, NichePursuits, American Golf
WordtrackerNot listedNot listed
MajesticNot listedNot listed
AuthorityLabs“Thousands”Mint, Symantec,, Choice Hotels International,
Ubersuggest50,000Nike, Twitter, Microsoft, Dell, Adobe, eBay, Shopify
SEO PowerSuite2,000,000+Amazon, Disney, Microsoft, GE, Apple, MasterCard, IBM, Nestle, Siemens, Cisco, Intel, Audi, HP, Heineken, Napster, 3M, Toshiba
Netpeak Software150,000+Shopify, Reuters, Reply, iProspect
Screaming Frog SEO Spider“Thousands”Apple, Google, Disney, Amazon, Distilled, Seer
Rank Math1,500,000+WebMD, Twitch, H&M, AppSumo, Jeep, DepositPhotos
SEOPress250,000+GoDaddy, HubSpot, Neil Patel, Microsoft, WPBeginner
AIOSEO3,000,000+Nestle, Kingsford, Brita, Burt’s Bees, Carnegie Mellon University, Clorox, Glad, Hidden Valley Ranch, SlimFast, FindLaw, Fresh Step
Yoast SEONot listed13 million websites

Infographics & Ads Comparison

Below you’ll find a handful of infographics and informative ads created by the SEO toolkit companies that highlight some interesting facts, figures, and statistics. I’ve also included some screenshots of interesting stats and metrics, in cases where I couldn’t find existing promo materials for a site.

PRO TIP: If you don’t see the infographic pictures or informative ad images here, it could be because you have an ad blocker that is blocking them from appearing. If that is the case, simply temporarily disable your adblocker for this page to see these images.

SE Ranking:

SE Ranking


Serpstat infographic


Semrush infographic


WebCEO infographic


SpyFu infographic


Ahrefs infographic


Majestic infographic

Rank Math:

Rank Math infographic

Features Comparison

Most SEO tools can be broken down into a few main categories:

Market Research
Content Creation
Marketing and Traffic Generation

As you can imagine, there is a ton of category overlap for these SEO toolkits with highly-integrated tools. So, rather than try to create a canonical bucket for each feature, I went ahead and simply described each toolkit’s basic feature set to give you an idea of what they offer.

PRO TIP: When available, I tried to use the company’s own wording or its branded name for a toolkit feature. Thus, some toolkits might describe a set of features using just one or two branded words, while others might describe the same set of features in more detail using say 10+ words. This doesn’t necessarily mean the former has fewer features or the latter has more features!

SEO ToolkitFeatures
SE RankingKeyword Rank Tracker, Keyword Research, Backlink Checker, Backlink Monitor, Competitive Research, Website Audit, On-page SEO Checker, Page Changes Monitor, Marketing Plan, Keyword Grouper, Social Media Analytics, Index Status Checker, SEO Potential, Keyword Suggestions, Traffic Analysis, White Label Report Builder, Lead Generator, Guest Link, API
SerpstatKeyword Research, Keyword Trends, Batch Analysis, Rank Tracking, Competitor Analysis, Analysis of Contextual Advertising, Backlink Analysis, Site Audit, Page Audit, Keyword Clustering, Text Analytics, Checklists, Custom Reports, SERP Crawling, Search Volume Crawling Service, Team Management, API and Integration, Local SEO, SEO Checker browser extension, Search Engine Storm, AI content editor tools, White Label reports
SemrushKeyword Research, On-page SEO, Competitor Analysis, Content Marketing, Local SEO, Rank Tracking, Social Media Management, Link Building, Competitor SEO Analysis, Content Creation and Distribution, Content Optimization, Content Marketing Analytics, Market Analysis, Paid Advertising, Competitor PR Monitoring, PPC Keyword Research, Website Monetization, Backlink Analytics, Listing Management, Backlink Audit, Backlink Gap, Bulk Analysis, Domain Overview, Keyword Gap, Keyword Magic Tool, Google Data Studio connectors, Log File Analyzer, Organic Research, Position Tracking, Site Audit
MangoolsKWFinder, SERPChecker, SERPWatcher + Whitelabel, LinkMiner, SiteProfiler, SEO Browser Extension, SERP Volatility Checker, SERP Simulator
WebCEORank Tracking, Keyword Research, Site Audit, SEO Content Assistant, Internal Links, Backlink Checker, Toxic Link Checker, Competitor Backlink Spy, Content Submission, Traffic Analysis, Social Analytics, Competitor Metrics, Quick Domain Analysis, SEO Checklist, Email Alerts, Multilingual Interface, Third-Party integrations and connectors
Raven ToolsSite Auditor, Keyword Research, Competitor Research, Backlink Analysis, Link Spy, SERP Rank Tracking, SEO Data, Reporting (PPC, Social, Email, Call Tracking), Google Data Studio, Marketing Reports
MozKeyword research, Link research, Technical SEO audits, Weekly rank tracking, Automated custom reports, daily rank tracking, granular data, segmentation, Local SERPs, Mobile SERPs, API, Competitor intelligence
SpyFuCompetitor analysis, Rank tracking, Backlinks builder, SERP analysis, Keyword research, Compare domains, PPC (Google Ads Advisor, Ad history, Google Ads templates), Traffic analysis, Keyword grouping, Backlinks outreach, SEO & PPC reports, White label reports, Scheduled reports
AhrefsSite Explorer, competitor analysis, Keywords Explorer, Site Audit, website optimization, Rank Tracker, Content Explorer
Long Tail ProKeyword Research, SERP Analysis, Rank Tracker, Backlink Analysis, Site Audit
WordtrackerKeyword Tool, Inspect Tool, Niche Explorer, Search trends, Competition Metrics, Related terms, SERP preview, API, Scout browser extension
MajesticSite Explorer, Backlink History, Flow Metric History, Topics, Clique Hunter, Bulk Backlinks, Keyword Generator, Keyword Checker, Search Explorer, Neighborhood Checker, Experimental tools, Submit URLs, Custom Reports, Link Graph, Related Sites, API
AuthorityLabsRank Tracker, Local SEO, Mobile Rank Tracking, Competitor Monitoring, Google Data Studio
UbersuggestSEO Analysis, SEO Checker, Site Speed, SEO Audit Report, Backlink Checker, Rank Tracking, SEO Opportunities, Keywords Generator, Keyword Visualization, AI Writer, Chrome Extension
SEO PowerSuiteWindows/Mac/Linux desktop app (not browser-based), Rank Tracker, WebSite Auditor, SEO SpyGlass, LinkAssistant, keyword research, competitor rank tracking, backlinks, on-page data, mobile SEO, local & global SEO, social media stats, content optimization, analytics, reports, task scheduler, white-labeling reports, API, cloud storage, Google AdWords integration, Google Analytics integration
Netpeak SoftwareWindows desktop app (not browser-based), Website optimization, On-Page SEO parameters, Google Analytics, Yandex Metrica, SERP scraping, Bulk tool, CAPTCHA auto-solving, Traffic estimation, Contact data search, Data segmentation, Google Search Console, Site scraping, Sitemap generator, Multi-domain crawling, SEO Audit, White Label, Spell Check, Google Drive, Google Sheets
Screaming Frog SEO SpiderWindows/Mac/Linux desktop app (not browser-based), Find broken links, Audit Redirects, Page Analyzer, Discover duplicate content, Extract data with XPath, Review Robots, Generate sitemaps, Integrations (Google Analytics, Google Search Console, PageSpeed Insights), Craw JavaScript websites, Visualizations, Scheduled Audits, Crawl comparisons
Rank MathWordPress plugin, Setup Wizard, Content AI, SEO Analytics Module, Google Index Status, Google Analytics 4 Integration, Rank Tracker, Position History, Ranking Keywords for Posts, Schema Generator, Schema Validator, Knowledge Graph Meta Data, Keyword Comparison, WooCommerce, Google Trends, Sitemap Generation, Image SEO, Local SEO, Content Analysis, Reporting, Client Management, Page Speed Tracker, Social, Search Engine Submission, Bulk Tools
SEOPressWordPress plugin, Optimization (Meta, E-Commerce, Crawling, RSS), Sitemaps, Breadcrumbs, URL Rewriting / Redirects, Schemas, Google Analytics / Optimize / Suggest / Page Speed / Inspect URL, Broken Links, 404 monitoring
AIOSEOWordPress plugin, SEO Audit Checklist, TruSEO On-Page Analysis, Local SEO, WooCommerce SEO, Social Media Integration, Smart XML Sitemaps, Social Media Integration, Custom User Roles, Rich Snippets Schema
Yoast SEOWordPress plugin, Technical SEO, Site optimization, Avoid dead links, Previews for Twitter / Facebook, Quality suggestions, Link suggestions


You’ve now reached the end of the SEO Toolkit Comparison Report! Congrats!

Based on my personal experience trying out many of these software packages and using them for this site, I recommend signing up for the free trial or free plan of either Semrush, Ahrefs, SE Ranking, or Serpstat.

If you’re looking for a Windows/Mac/Linux desktop application, I recommend SEO PowerSuite.

And if you’re looking for something that’s easy on your wallet, but perhaps a bit more on the simplified side, I recommend you check out Mangools.

For a more thorough list of my recommendations, and for a ton of SEO tips and tricks, check out our SEO Tools Guide.

SEO Tools
SEO Tools: Toolkits, Techniques, Tips, and Tricks
I just led you to this comprehensive article about SEO. Don’t believe me? Let me show you how I used SEO tools to make that happen…

Whatever SEO toolkit you end up choosing, I think you’re going to be blown away by the SEO tools and features that are available to you with just a click of a button! 🤯

Enjoy! 😊

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