Can I Use Anyword AI for Free?

Can I Use Anyword AI for Free?

Dive into the world of AI with the Anyword AI copywriting free trial and a discount code to get 20% off an Anyword subscription plan.

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Wondering if you can use Anyword AI for free or how to get a discount on their copywriting subscription plans? You’ve come to the right place!

In this post, we’ll answer your questions about Anyword’s free plan and even give you a special discount code to get their subscription plans cheaper!

What is Anyword?

Here’s a quick overview of Anyword, in case you’re unfamiliar with their services.

The Anyword platform is an AI-powered copywriting tool designed to assist marketers in customizing their messages and articles to suit their target audience. It offers copy generation and evaluation for various advertising channels, such as social media posts, email subject lines, landing page copy, and more.

With Anyword, you can leverage a model trained on $250 million worth of ad spending, combined with your own historical data, to craft high-quality messages that are appropriate for a wide range of formats and channels.

Their platform is already being used by some of the biggest brands in the world, such as CNN, NBA, Red Bull, PetCareRx, Ted Baker, and many others.

Does Anyword have a free plan?

Unfortunately, no, Anyword does not have an ongoing free plan. But don’t fret… you can still try out Anyword for free for seven days, up to 5,000 credits. Simply use the link above to create a free account and start your trial. And as a bonus, if you decide to continue using their service after the trial, you can use this special discount code to get 20% off when you sign up for a paid plan: Anyword20

Does Anyword have a free trial?

Yes, Anyword allows you to try out their online software for free for 7 days, up to a 5,000 credit limit, whichever comes first. They don’t require a credit card. Just enter your name and email to immediately start trying out their artificial intelligence copywriting tools.

How can I use Anyword for free?

You can use Anyword for free during their 7-day free trial. After that, use the promo code Anyword20 when signing up for a paid subscription plan to get 20% off! You can use your free trial to create new content, such as ad copy or even a blog article, or use their “Prompt” tool to have AI help you with any type of task.

Does Anyword offer discounts or promo codes?

Yes, you can get a discount on a subscription plan by signing up with Anyword and then using this 20-percent-off coupon code when you choose a subscription plan: Anyword20

Try Anyword for Free

If you haven’t yet tried out Anyword, why not sign up for their free trial? You only need to give them your name and email address to create an account. No credit card is required!

Sign up now for Anyword’s free trial!