29 Essential Business Blogs for 2023

Essential Business Blogs

A curated list of the best business blogs that are full of insight, tips, tricks, advice, techniques, and strategies for entrepreneurs and all types of businesses.

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DISCLOSURE: Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links, which may provide compensation to us from the service providers at no cost to you if you decide to use their services.

The business world is absolutely gigantic and no single blog website could possibly cover every topic that is applicable to your specific business situation and needs.

And finding the best business blogs can be quite difficult and time-consuming!

Therefore, I created this curated list of essential business blogs you can use to help guide, educate, and encourage you along your business journey.

These blog resources can be extremely useful for newbies and seasoned professionals alike. They’re also great for entrepreneurs looking to build a side hustle, start a business, or generate some passive income.

In these business blogs below, you can find countless business tips, tricks, techniques, tools, and t-t-t…. (what’s another “t” word? ah…) training, tutorials, templates, and trends. (…thanks for the help, Chatsonic! AI is simply amazing nowadays!) 😉


Most of these blogs cover many topics, but in an effort to keep this list manageable and organized, I’ve placed each business blog in only one of the categories below that I think best represents the blog.

Also, I’m using the term blog very loosely. The list of business websites below includes blogs, articles, news, and blog-style resources.

Do you own an established business blog that you think deserves to be on this list? If so, please follow and message me on Twitter or Instagram for consideration.

And don’t miss our article that outlines dozens of ways to make more money through your blog!

I hope you find several blogs below that can help you grow and improve your business!


General Business Blogs


BizEnv.com is a helpful resource for all types of business-related tools, how-to guides, tips, tricks, and resources, like this essential business blog list you’re reading now. 😉

Niche Pursuits

Created by Spencer Haws, Niche Pursuits posts lots of articles about e-commerce, marketing, money, blogging, tools, and guides.


Entertaining and informative articles catering to entrepreneurs. They also have a magazine, podcast, videos, webinars, and events.

Fast Company

Professional, creative, and practical articles, news, and advice for your business and career. The site was originally launched by Alan Webber and Bill Taylor way back in 1995 when the world was still teaching bits and bytes how to slide down network cables. 🤪

Business Insider

Professional business editorials, articles, news, and reviews covering tech, finance, markets, strategy, retail, advertising, healthcare, and more.

Small Business Administration Blog

The SBA Blog run by the US Small Business Administration is a governmental site designed to help small business owners in the United States.


A giant in the industry, you might want to constrict the firehose of information to make it easier to drink from by checking out their more-focused Business and Small Business sub-blogs.

Business Blogs About Money, Passive Income, and Side Hustles


Tons of articles about making money, including side hustles, online businesses, startups, and passive income. Started by Jeff Proctor and Ben Huber, DollarSprout also has valuable content that they merged from their other site which was called BreakingTheOnePercent.

Mint Notion

Mint Notion is a blog by Eden Ashley that covers all types of financial topics, including ways to make extra money through online businesses and side hustles.

The Savvy Couple

Founded by Kelan and Brittany Kline, The Savvy Couple financial blog offers lots of ideas and resources for those looking to make more money and generate passive income.

Smart Passive Income

Founded by Pat Flynn in 2008, the SPI blog includes a bunch of articles, advice, how-tos, interviews, and stories about creating and growing streams of passive income, such as using affiliate networks to do affiliate marketing.

Ryan Hogue

Ryan Hogue shares his income reports, insights, and a behind-the-scenes look at running and automating his print-on-demand, Amazon Merch, and dropshipping businesses.

Business Blogs About Blogging and Marketing

Adam Enfroy

Adam Enfroy’s site covers lots of topics about blogging and includes business how-to guides and tons of business software reviews.

Ryan Robinson

Followed by hundreds of thousands of bloggers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs, Ryan Robinson provides insights into tools and techniques that have proven successful for his own businesses and for his clients.

Larry Ludwig

An expansive blog run by Larry Ludwig. The site includes many articles about affiliate marketing, blogging, digital marketing, web hosting, and more.

HubSpot Blog

Several marketing blogs for marketing, sales, services, websites, and tech. It’s hosted by HubSpot, the maker of the popular CRM platform.

SEO Business Blogs

Authority Hacker

Run by Gael Breton and Mark Webster, Authority Hacker primarily helps website owners create authority sites that rank high on search engines. They also offer a podcast with hundreds of episodes.

SE Ranking Blog

A popular blog sharing search engine optimization best practices and the latest SEO news. This blog is run by SE Ranking, the all-in-one SEO software toolkit used by hundreds of thousands of people.


Created by Brian Dean, Backlinko is a treasure trove of SEO tips, guides, and strategies to gain backlinks to your website.

Serpstat Blog

Helpful SEO articles by the company that runs Serpstat, an all-in-one toolkit for SEO, marketing, keyword analysis, and more.

Neil Patel

Neil Patel is a bestselling author and influencer in the world of search engine optimization. He is also the creator of the Ubersuggest SEO toolkit, which is included in our SEO Toolkit Comparison Report.

Search Engine Journal

For the latest search engine news and loads of SEO-related articles and blog posts, check out the SEJ website, which was launched back in 2003.

The Moz Blog

Lots of informative blog articles and advice to help you make the most of SEO and online marketing. They also offer their own SEO toolkit that we compare in our in-depth SEO tools report.

Technical Business Blogs

Rocket.net Blog

A blog site run by Rocket.net, an ultra-fast WordPress hosting service I personally use for this site. Their blog topics cover things like WordPress, hosting, plugins, caching, e-commerce, SEO, speed optimizations, analytics, and more.

Online Media Masters

A helpful technical resource presented by Tom Dupuis for optimizing WordPress sites. I especially like the article that includes a huge list of Slow WordPress Plugins you should be careful using.


A well-known blog and news site heavily focused on the use of technology in businesses and around the world.

Arts & Entertainment Business Blogs

Ari’s Take

Revealing the gritty details of the music business, Ari Herstand shares his insights, stories, recommendations, tips, and tricks for navigating the music business and making it in the music industry.

MovieMaker Magazine

News, articles, and posts about the process of making movies that cover topics such as acting, cinematography, directing, distribution, editing, producing, screenwriting, and more.

MasterClass Articles

An offshoot of the popular MasterClass video courses, these free articles feature many famous individuals across a variety of industries, such as food, design, entertainment, music, business, sports, writing, technology, science, lifestyle, government, and more. Many of these articles focus on how to succeed in their corresponding industry.

Final Thoughts

If you found this list of business blogs helpful, please bookmark it, share it with your friends and family, link to it from your own site, and post about it on social media! Thank you! 😊

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