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What is the definition of SERP Feature? Learn what you need to know about this term.

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What is a SERP Feature?

A SERP Feature is any additional information or functionality displayed on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP) beyond the traditional list of result links. Some common examples of SERP features include:

Rich snippets: Additional information displayed below a website’s title and description, such as ratings, reviews, or prices.
Featured snippets: A brief answer to a user’s search query displayed at the top of the SERP.
Image Pack: A group of images displayed on the SERP related to the user’s search query.
Video Pack: A group of videos displayed on the SERP related to the user’s search query.
Local Pack: A list of local businesses related to the user’s search query, along with maps and address information.
News Box: A list of news articles related to the user’s search query.

Some other SERP features that can appear in search results include:

Shopping Results
Knowledge Graph
Twitter Results
People Also Ask
AdWords Ads
Top Stories
Local Inventory Ads
Job Postings
Local Service Ads

These features are designed to provide users with a more comprehensive and useful search experience and can play a crucial role in determining the visibility and success of a website on the SERP.

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