Affiliate Program

What is the definition of Affiliate Program? Learn what you need to know about this term.

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What is an Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program is a type of marketing system that is used by companies to help promote their products or services. It involves a partnership between the company and an affiliate, where the affiliate will receive a commission for each sale or lead they generate for the company.

Affiliates promote merchants and brands on their own websites or through other channels such as paid ads, social media, or email campaigns.

Merchants reward affiliates with a commission for each successful sale or lead they generate.

Merchants can either create their own affiliate program, use a pre-built affiliate program platform, or join an affiliate network.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing
How to Start Affiliate Marketing
Learn how to become an affiliate marketer and start earning passive income today! A complete guide for getting started with affiliate marketing and finding affiliate programs.